One Million Thoughts: Gomez Gems

The very first night after I got home from the ER, I didn’t sleep very well.  One MILLION thoughts ran through my head. I took out my phone and started typing them out.  It was a good way to decompress and once they were out, I felt just a bit better.  Those thoughts are now turning into blog posts I’ll call “One Million Thoughts.”

Gomez Gems

Because thinking about my son and my husband was just more than I could wrap my head around I let my mind drift to other people.  As comfortable as close relationships get over time, you don’t necessarily tell the people that you love how much you love them.  This is one very small attempt.
Who would have thought that a randomly-chosen seat in Mr. Shock’s biology class and witty banter with a football player would have been the key to open up a treasure chest full of gems?  I’m talking about my high school classmates, Joshua and Christopher Gomez, who I met when we were all 16 or 17. Through them, I was introduced to their family.  They’ve embraced me for the last 16 years.  They are my bright, shiny gems.  They have showed me what it’s like to have a big family–the good and the bad, but by far mostly the good.  They have taught me how to appreciate food, cook, love, laugh, and be a fan of baseball and football.  The list really does go on and on.Through them, I have cousins, aunts, uncles and a bonus mom and dad that I do not share any genetics with.  This very large Gomez family is even bigger than I’ve described, because I’m not the only one they’ve embraced. Many of my Gomez gems work in healthcare, and at this pivotal point in my life I am so incredibly grateful for that. In one of my upcoming posts, I’ll tell you how one of them was there for me at another crossroads during the birth of my son.

All my Gomez gems ultimately lead back to Joshua and Christopher. Our relationships are far from perfect; I still get sensitive when Christopher one ups me and when Joshua pushes my buttons.  Even diamonds have their flaws.  But Joshua and Christopher have been the brothers I never knew I needed, and I have been a sister I know they’ve come to love like one of their own.

 These are just a few of the gems I have in my life.  There are many more who have VIP access to my heart, and I’ll tell you about them later. But for now, I’m grateful that during that sleepless night, I could think of them.
ImageSee… we even get to be in their family pictures 😉

9 thoughts on “One Million Thoughts: Gomez Gems

  1. You expressed just the way I feel about them as well. They are true gems to all of us and thanks to you, I have been blessed with their friendship also. Thank you Lori Jo Paulson for being a part of my life and adding so much to it from day one!

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