Booooo! No Booze.

It’s no secret how much I appreciate a good drink from time to time. I’ve worked in the wine industry for almost six years, and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about and tasting many different wines.

I like to think that over years, I’ve developed a discerning palette. I dig the complexity of some wines and then the sheer elegance and simplicity of others. I could spend a lifetime tasting wines from all over the world. When one adds food to the mix, forget it!  It’s sheer heaven!

There are few things I enjoy more than having a group of gals over to taste and then discuss wine from different regions and varietals. Inevitably, there comes a point in the evening when two glasses of wine have gone down and silliness and laughter set in. At those parties, I find great enjoyment in discovering a new label and stashing it away for a trip to the mountains. That special bottle taken on the special mountain trip is made even better by an indulgent and delicious nosh platter. Swirling the magic red vino and snacking on every last morsel of food is just incredible.

Now, I don’t just love wine….

I also LOVE bellying up to a bar with my dad and shooting the shit with him. I’ve seen a side of him over a glass of whiskey that has given me a whole new perspective about the man that he is. Special drinks punctuate so many occasions in my life. To me, nothing says baseball like a Bloody Mary in the morning and ice cold beer during the game.  My rehearsal dinner for my wedding was a tequila party.  By this point it’s obvious, I really like my wine and booze. In my defense I don’t think it’s anything that is unhealthy. Have there been mornings that I realize I’ve had a “little too much” the night before? Of course! But I keep it in check. I promise. No need for concern.

How does my love of wine and booze relate to cancer?

The first time I met my oncologist he asked me if I drank and how it made me feel. It seemed like a crazy question to me.  I loved it!  But then, it made me sit back and I realized that the last few times I drank I had felt like total crap. My oncologist told me that he has another patient with the same diagnosis as me and that patient felt completely lousy after he drank alcohol too. Thinking about it from a holistic standpoint, I know I should probably take it easy on my body. I guess pushing back on the booze is going to be how I am going to roll for the near future. 

My liver isn’t exactly the poster child for health. My LIVER is such a LOSER!  Booooo!

7 thoughts on “Booooo! No Booze.

  1. I envy your love for wine, but and unfortunately, I can not drink reds, burgundys, merlots, etc because of my migraine issues. In fact, nowadays I cannot enjoy a vodka dry martini, anisette and water or tastefully loved digestives or appertifs. Oh sadness is with my palette! Hopefully, you will be able to satisfy those taste buds and put that ‘damn ole liver monster’ in its rightful place! 🙂

  2. Bellying up to the bar with your Dad is one thing…dancing on table at El Patio is
    Loving the posts!

  3. I believe that your love of wine is tied to the people you share it with! Count your many blessings. The wine will wait; it only gets better with age anyway! It more important to be healthy and still share time with your wonderful friends and family! You have the best of the best,

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