Liar, Liar chemo pants on fire

After many tests, consultations and lots of consideration from both my team of physicians and family, we’ve decided to hit this pan can hard with a round of aggressive chemo.  Originally, we were all optimistic that it the cancer was very slow moving, but now know that’s not necessarily the case. I’m obviously nervous about chemo, but still optimistic.  I have A LOT going for me.  I’m young and besides this damn pan can, I’m very healthy.

It was so easy to tell my friends and family, “Look at how good I look and feel. I’ve got this!”  Beyond friends, it was easiest to deliver that message to my son.  My sweet baby shouldn’t have to deal with nonsense like chemotherapy.  He should only be worrying about which bat he is going to use at baseball practice, not his Momma. 

But when I start worrying about him, I remember that he and I are cut from the same cloth.  We are strong beyond our own expectations.  What my son has had to endure in his seven short years is more than most people face in a lifetime.  But again, he’s not just anyone.  He’s my tough, strong, perfect baby boy.

On a much lighter note, for the first time in my life I’m glad to have a little extra junk in my trunk.  It should help me avoid getting too thin from the chemo.

7 thoughts on “Liar, Liar chemo pants on fire

  1. When chemo is over and you are past all of this…because you will be, please sign me up for celebratory drink and nosh platter. In the meantime I am right around the corner with homemade soup and yummies for when you get hungry! Xoxo

  2. Your optimism is your gift and that will get you through the chemo process. Do you know how often and how long yet? We are on your side and I say a prayer everyday that this monster will be conquered! Our best!

  3. I’m beyond impressed with your courage, optimism and determination. I’m with Tamera, looking forward to celebrating your win ;0)

    Me and Dan are praying for ya!

  4. Lori, Lori, Lori. I love you more and more each and every day. I would love to have your mental strength and determination. I think maybe I want to be like you when I grow up. You are and have been an angel and from what I read, not just for Tra and myself but for many others. You not only touched our hearts but Tra’s youngest brother Duriel asks about you and Jeremiah.

    Your ability to make everyone around you happy and to feel loved is just a couple of your many wonderful traits. I see Evan is keeping in contact with you also, what a good friend you are.

    Myself and the rest of Tra’s family will never be able to express the appreciation we have for you, Brandon and Jeremiah. You’ve given him a family and much love. I worried about him being so far from home and no one close that would be there for him.
    TANKS (in my little rascals voice).

  5. You are strong beyond words. Loved beyond understanding. I can’t tell you how moving your blog is. I lift you and the family up in prayer everyday. If I know anything at all… I do know that you can make it through this! And I, like Crystal & Jacquie can not wait to celebrate your victory. You are one tough bitch Lori! (Hugs)

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