Couples that burp together stay together

The “new” me burps and hiccups all the time. I mean. All. The. Time. Try carrying on a serious conversation with 15 burps and 3 hiccups. It’s so sexy.

My dear sweet husband has sympathy burps for me. It’s kind of sweet.

2 thoughts on “Couples that burp together stay together

  1. Of course my comment comes in the bodily function section, it took me awhile to read these. They are beautifully done, and even though Christopher helps you with them, your beautiful shining spirit is obvious in every one. Shine on little sister

  2. My husband gained 25 sympathy pregnancy pounds for me and they say that only happens when they are particularly keen to your state of being. I imagine that his sympathy hiccups are similar and that IS incredibly sweet!

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