I believe…

I believe…
… I am strong
… I am loved
… I am a fighter
… in standing up for my convictions
… in paying it forward
… in being kind
… in choosing my battles
… that friends are the family you choose
… I am extremely lucky to have the job I have with a company that has opened not only their doors but their hearts to my family
… it took me a decade to truly realize how grateful I am for my husband
… my son is perfect
… most of the world’s problems can be solved over a bowl of chips and salsa
… that feeding hungry boys not only feeds their bellies but their souls
… that if above prayer doesn’t work, to resort to booze (preferably New Mexico wine).

And I believe I will beat this.

24 thoughts on “I believe…

  1. Reasoning, thoughts, beliefs, love and commitment in beautiful expression add to your strength needed during such times! We are just one of the many who add subtle but sincere support in your conquest and defeat of this monster!

  2. I don’t pray much– but I am praying today goes as smoothly as possible– my thoughts are with you and your family!!

  3. I have all the faith in the world that you can beat this! I pray for you and your family! Keep up the positivity I truly believe that is what helps fight cancers the most! God Bless!

  4. I’ve known you a long time, and I know you take on challenges with both fists swinging. Know that mine are swinging, too…along with everyone else who loves you so much. Godspeed, sweet girl.

  5. I have added you to my daily prayers and I will. On tiniest to pray for strength, peace and healing for you and for you.
    You can beat this. I believe this completely.


  6. I love you lori, and I love your post! It is crazy how strong our minds can be if we truly believe and have faith! Having a positive mind set and surrounding ourselves with positive people is what its all about. I love you and I believe we will get through this, thank you for being such a great person and always being there for Us. Stay strong, what the mind BELIEVES the body can ACHIEVE!

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