Chemo: Week One. Check!

Hello friends. I wanted to give everyone a quick medical update.

I started chemotherapy on Monday.  I was there for about eight hours.  One of the chemo meds and I didn’t get along so well, but after some other meds and slowing down the rate of infusion, all went well.  My wonderful and patient husband was by my side.  I left a little jittery but slept well that night.

Tuesday was a shorter day.  I was only there for about four hours.  I felt really good after the shorter treatment.  I felt so good, that with the assistance of my mother in law, I made two pies.  One of the chemo nurses is a baker and talking with her brought out my competitive spirit, so I had to make the two.  I took one to the cancer center the next day; my hungry family devoured the other.  

Wednesday was a short day like Tuesday, and my mother in law came with me that day.  Of course, there was a delicious pie in the room.

I took a few selfies during each day of chemo, which was unusual for me because I’m not a huge selfie taker. Then again, the chemo is unusual for me.  Anyway, I sent them to a few friends, and the response was so positive, I decided to post them here. So here they are!

Day One:


Day Two:


Day Three:


On another note, a young woman I coached on a high school dance to about ten years ago, Erin (Wright) Turner, passed away yesterday after two battles with malignant melanoma cancer.  All I can hope is that Erin is dancing with an umbrella to Michael Jackson right now. It’s by far my favorite memory of her, and how I want to remember her.  Besos sweet girl.


17 thoughts on “Chemo: Week One. Check!

  1. U look great as always !!!!! Mmmm pie we miss u and your sweets here at the winery. Hope to see u back soon. Keep up the great energy !!

  2. As always you look great with a great spirit keeping your outlook strong! You know, when I ponder a bit, you look the same as when we worked with you at Maxim! Keep the fire (and pies) going. 🙂

  3. Lori you look great! We were just talking about you yesterday and wondering how were you doing. We are all praying and thinking of you daily. It’s good to hear week one went so well.
    Ps we do miss you & your pies at the winery. 🙂

  4. Lori glad to hear that your first week of chemo is over! You look great! Many thoughts and prayers coming your and your family’s way, today and always!

  5. I have always adored your smile Lori! It’s so contagious! Just need you know that we are praying for you! Chad, as well as the rest of the family sends our love and best wishes!

  6. I loveeeeee your smile! And that twinkle in your eyes will always make you the brightest shiniest quarter in the universe! Love you!

  7. Beautiful and STRONG.. that is YOU Lori!!!! Thinking of you and – of course – you would be the one making pies!!!
    Big healing hugs…

  8. Best selfies ever. But I’m not surprised…everything you do is at or above “best” status. I’m hungry for pie now…

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