My Silent Soliders

I have the good fortune of working as the marketing director for St. Clair Winery.  My husband has worked there about nine years and I’ve been there about six.  Over the years we’ve had a bird’s eye view of the company’s growth. We’ve watched it grow from a small family business in a sleepy southern New Mexico town, to a thriving and competitive corporation.  Due to the diversity of its portfolio, the winery’s umbrella casts a shadow not only in New Mexico but nationwide.

If the body of St. Clair’s business is wine, then its soul is made up of the people who work there.  As cliché as it sounds, I really do feel part of a team. In spending so much time with one company; I’ve built relationships that will last a lifetime.  Before working in marketing I worked in sales and many of my customers became like family to me.  I’m still close with them.  A few of them were even guests at my wedding. Now, does our extended wine family get along perfectly every day? Of course not. But in the course of my absence from work, I’ve found myself missing my St. Clair team more and more.

Like any good team, I know they’ve got my back.  Without a shadow of a doubt, it would take just one phone call, one text message, or one passenger pigeon telling the team I need them and they would come running.  Fortunately it hasn’t come to that. Right now they are my silent soldiers.

So dear friends at the winery, please know that I think of you every single day.  Your silent strength is real.  It’s almost tangible.  It motivates me.  Once this is all behind us and I am back to the grind, I promise to roll my eyes less and smile more.  Oh, and I promise to make you even more sweet treats than usual.  With me not around, I wonder if you’re all getting skinny?


11 thoughts on “My Silent Soliders

  1. .passion fruit tarts, maple bacon almond cookies, biscochos, etc.maybe you’ll make your comeback with a cronut?. gourmet goodness,mmmm..we’ll be standing by Lt. Comm. Lori. 😉 ❤

  2. Affirmative, Paulson, we’ve got your back! And we may be your silent soldiers but those treats you bring certainly aren’t MREs! Awaiting celebratory goodie rations when this is all over!

    • If needed you can ALWAYS send smoke signals or morse code as well – we will be Oscar Mike (on the move) whenever you call – of course we really want you, your goodies and your smile here at work. It’s gonna be one BIG welcome back when this is all over!

  3. It was really good to see you even though it was just for a minute. You look great as always and we can’t wait for you to come back to the winery. It’s not the same without you & Brandon around.

  4. I think they were afraid we might start looking malnourished. So they got us a vending machine…but it isn’t the same. 😦

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