I often joke that every parent in the world believes that their child is perfect.  I’m no different.  But to really prove my point about my Jeremiah Cole, I’ve listed the reasons below.

  1. He is kind.  At a Christmas exchange at school he got a gift that wasn’t quite for him, but he knew the neighbor kid would like it so he walked over and left in on his doorstep.  He didn’t tell me.  He didn’t tell the other kid. The kid’s Dad and I put it together weeks later.
  2. He’s funny.
  3. When he gets excited he’s a Mexican jumping bean.  Bounce, bounce, bounce.
  4. He loves music and has a heck of a memory remembering lyrics.
  5. He is smart but humble.  The kid has an IQ of 127.  He scored a 155 on the numeric operation section.
  6. He likes to cuddle with his mommy.
  7. He’s an athlete.  He’s a lefty and a switch hitter.
  8. He sings in the shower.
  9. He’s so dang cute!
  10. He can watch fashion police with me and critique dresses and then change the channel to a football game and call out a nice stiff arm.
  11. He loves food, cooking and culinary adventure.  You would be amazed at what he had eaten and enjoyed by age three.
  12. He’s a dancer.
  13. His biggest objective in life is to have fun.
  14. His smile lights up the room.
  15. When he sees flowers growing, he always picks one and give it to me.
  16. He has made the job of raising him easy and a privilege.

I love you, Jeremiah.


12 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. I remember when you found out you were having him back in the old Maxim, Stafford days. Crazy how much little boys change you life. Best thing in my world is my son. He is a very lucky little boy.

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