Pancreatic Pixie Cut

I don’t value my hair nearly as much as most women. Truth be told, I think it’s a pain. Oh, and I’m terrible at fixing it into a consistent style. The past few days, I’ve looked through some old pictures and realized there aren’t a whole lot of me with my hair down–mostly because I’m terrible at doing it! I’m a pony tail and braid kinda girl. I mean, I didn’t really figure out how to apply make up until my 30s.

Years ago I figured out that I had the good fortune of a lot of hair and it grew quite fast. Since then, I’ve been growing it out and donating it to Locks of Love on a regular basis. I was on the tail end of a ‘grow’ cycle for Locks of Love in January. As I prepared to cut off my hair for donation, I went as far as to set up a consultation and then schedule my appointment. But the week of my appointment, I felt so sick, I cancelled it. The following week, I was diagnosed with the damn pan can. Once I saw my long locks flash before my eyes, I decided to hang on to them as long as I could.

From my understanding, chemotherapy has come a long way the past few decades. So far, in fact, that not everyone actually loses their hair. I thought I might have a chance to keep mine during my therapy. But once I saw my fellow chemo patients at the cancer center didn’t actually believe that mine would last. Everyone in the room was bald, except for the newbies. My hair hung on for almost three weeks.

Right after my diagnosis I asked my bonus mom to take family pictures while I still had a full head of hair. Even though I don’t fuss with my hair as much as other women, it doesn’t mean I’m not just the teeniest bit vain. So please humor me by taking a moment to walk down memory lane with me while we remember my mop. I feel like there should be music in the background. Pick your favorite tune.

It’s high school graduation with Christopher in 1998.


With Ashly at a birthday party.


In Napa Valley with an awesome nosh platter to go with my wine.


My bonus mom took this one of me and Jeremiah.


With Nicole at a family dance party.


With Jeremiah a few weeks ago.

Now this week, my thick hair started to fall out. It got to be so bad, I had to schedule an appointment to cut it off. My girlfriend Tenniel was nice enough to help me on her day off and deal with my mess of a head. She convinced me to go with a pixie cut since I didn’t have any bald spots. This is probably just an in between phase before being bald, but at this moment I dig my new do. Thanks for the wonderful advice and killer skills, T!

And Bridget, thank you for holding my hand through what could have been a heartbreaking moment, but wasn’t at all.

So tell me guys, what do you think of the pixie cut?


35 thoughts on “Pancreatic Pixie Cut

  1. You are so beautiful! I love it! I’ve worked in a salon for almost eight years now and everyone says it’s so freeing to get a pixie cut. You may never want to grow out your hair again!

  2. How can you BE so pretty no matter what? It’s a bit infuriating 🙂 JK 🙂 I had a thought earlier that if you were to lose your hair, that there would be many who would cut off theirs, or shave their heads in support of your journey. I was all ready to hop on that train in support…however, you look amazing, not sick, and we’d all look like a bunch of copy cats if we did pixie cuts now “Gotta fit in with the cool crowd” kinda thing. 🙂 You look amazing, and man, do your eyes appear even more stunning 🙂

  3. Like I said, I’m am honored you asked me to be there with through this experience! You have handled this whole situation with grace and strength! And to top it off, you have the most gorgeous face, you can pull off any haircut! Xoxo

  4. You look great Lori! I love the cut. I remember you saying you wanted to have a pixie cut and I think it suits you. Rock it!

  5. With that face you can pull of anything! Thoughts and prayers with you and I can’t wait to celebrate with you and everyone at your – I kicked cancers ass party!

  6. The love of life in your eyes and smile is an inspiration to everyone you touch. Long locks or pixie cut or bald …all the rest of us ever will see is the life and passion and vigor in your eyes and smile! I am blessed to know you!

  7. The pixie is cute, but you are one of those women who will make all of us jealous by looking absolutely stunningly gorgeous when bald!

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