Mr. & Mrs. Clean

Thank you friends for the positive feedback on my pixie cut. It was a wonderful transition and made it easier to handle when my hair started to fall out.

Last week my head started itching, I started scratching and chunks started falling out. I jumped in the shower to help contain the mess and a mess it was. After the physical mess, there was an emotional mess as well.

My girlfriend Jessica, came to the rescue with a pair of clippers and my husband shaved my head to the best of his ability. The next day I drove myself to a barber shop and got a closer shave. Black patches and sporadic bald spots was not how I was gonna roll. I needed a few days to adjust to my new look so I laid low. Every time I would go by a mirror I would wonder who that person was staring back at me and realize it was me.

Yesterday I had adjusted to my new look and was ready for a close shave but I hadn’t a clue how to accomplish this myself. Who do I know with bald head? Hmmm… Robert! I gave him a ring and he came right over.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Clean…


31 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. Clean

  1. Your mom did a great job shaping that head when you were a baby– gorgeous – get a little tan– this is your pool friend talking– the vitamin D is good for you!!

  2. You ROCK that look–just like I knew you would! You look more gorgeous WITHOUT any hair than most of us do WITH!

  3. I have been keeping up with you through Jess and your blog. We think of you daily and send silent loving thoughts filled with hugs and kisses. Your writings are a perfect reflection of the amazing young woman you are!!
    You are a beauty…with or without your locks!

  4. Did you change something?? I’ve never have seemed to look beyond that beautiful smile! Love you!!! Bonita Bonita!!

  5. Lori, you are stunning as ALWAYS! You could color your head in a rainbow now and still look amazing. It’s the smile and the eyes that draw people into your spirit not your locks. 😉

  6. Lori you look absolutely amazingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing your journey. You are truly an inspiration to all of us.

  7. Lori – I am so happy you have such a fantastic support group and such great friends – All I see is you smiling! – Looking Good!

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