Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried to show my respect and appreciation for some of the VIPs in my life. It would be unjust not to mention my husband, Brandon. Rather than rant and rave about how wonderful he is–we’ve got to keep him grounded after all–I’ve come up with a list of just a few of the responsibilities he has taken on these last few months.

  • Charge Nurse
  • Chauffeur
  • Chief Medical Insurance Negotiator
  • Punching Bag (only sometimes, I swear!)
  • Baseball Coach
  • Head Chef (ahem, make that chef in training)
  • CFO of Winery
  • Mr. Mom
  • Medical Research Assistant
  • Chair of Household Acquisitions
  • President of Paulson Communications
  • Wheatgrass Juicing Expert

On top of all that, he’s also given me this wonderful, silly, sweet, fun boy:

Thank you, BKY.

I heart you.

6 thoughts on “BKY

  1. Quite the catch, that one is! Always was a super nice guy! I remember him handing me an entire bottle of wine from his tent as a gift “just because (he) knew I’d enjoy it”. 🙂

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