Real Deal Dolores

Real Deal Dolores

Long before this crazy cancer business started, I met a special woman and Gomez Gem named Dolores.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know Dolores in her many roles.  She’s a mother of three, a doctor, a wife, an auntie. She’s sincerely nice and incredibly generous. While easy going, she’ll flex her muscles when she has to.  She’s five-foot-nuthin’, but I dare you to test her.  And if you do, can I watch?

I have a list of a very few, select women (men can’t be on the list – sorry dudes) that I call “The Real Deal.”  Dolores is definitely on the list. As a physician, mother and friend, she bloody does it all.  She can deliver a baby in the morning and then spend the evening painting her nails with her daughters.  An avid sports fan, she corrals her family to Mayfield football games, Aggie basketball games and MLB spring training trips to Arizona. She’ll grub down on a Taco Tuesday special with the best of them, but can really appreciate a $90 bottle of wine on Wednesday. And while she’ll never admit to this or play into it, she’s a real hottie.

She came from humble beginnings that she’s proud of and has accomplished a whole heck of a lot in her short life.  It could all go away tomorrow and probably not matter or bother her much.  She’s secure and confident.  In other words, I dig her.  I always have. I’m glad to have the opportunity to tell her my admiration.

These days, Dolores is coordinating my care, and boy do I feel lucky to have her.
Thank you, D.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Real Deal Dolores

  1. Glad to hear she is the one coordinating your care. She actually delivered my precious Juliet. She really is AMAZING!

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