Pictures from Boston

Ok friends – I am not going to lie… I was down in the dumps for about 10 days after getting back from Boston.  One day after seemingly small encounters with people that I hardly know; I decided that I still have a lot to offer.  I have been talking the talk but it was time to start walking the walk.  So, I pulled myself up from the bootstraps and started decided to start living like I was living rather than dying.  I have more memories to make and happiness to share.

Although the entire reason for our trip to Boston was to seek medical advice, we got to take in some of the city and I wanted to share.  We had no idea how cool Boston really is.  Come along with us…

Boston 1Boston 2

These pictures were taken because I could help but laugh at the resemblance between my head and the state capital building of Massachusetts.

ducks 4

For those if you that don’t know what a duck is you can check out the picture above.  You can also click their website for more information.  It’s a World War II vehicle that can drive on the road like a bus or in the water like a boat.  Funny little factoid about my life, my Dad was a duck driver in Wisconsin Dells after high school.

ducks 6

A bridge that we drove over and then floated under.

duck 2

The Boston skyline as the duck turned around.

























duck 3

Friendly group of kayakers waiting for our boat to turn around.

After the duck adventure we decided to take our next stop on the tour to the ocean.  We went on a whale watching tour.  This time of year there are humpback whales in this part of the world.  Who knew?  Not me, but I do now.


ww 1

Don’t we make a cute couple?


So truth be known the boat we were on had three decks and four hundred people.  FOUR HUNDRED!  I did in fact get some pretty good video, but most of my pictures looks like this one.


In focus, a picture of a head. Back in the distance is a fuzzy image that might be a whale tail 🙂

Below are some pictures of our favorite meals.  Brandon said that he wanted to leave Boston sick of seafood.  Although I don’t believe that statement could ever be true, we got close.

food 6

Restaurant: Ostra Dish: Beef Carpaccio


Food 2

Restaurant: Ostra Dish: Asparagus with tiny purple flowers as garnish

Food 1

Restaurant: Ostra Dish: Paella “Valenciana style”

Food 3

Restarant: Ostra Dish: Chocolate Hazelnut Cremeux.

Restaurant: Avana Sushi Dish:  Sweet Girl Maki

Restaurant: Avana Sushi  Dish: Sweet Girl Maki

food 5

Restaurant: Legal Seafood Dish: If the LobSTAH ain’t fresh… it’s ain’t legal













And then there was Fenway.

Once I got my final appointment at Dana Farber, we both looked at the Red Sox schedule.  Just so happened that they were home AND they were playing the Cubs.  Thanks to the Gomez influence, I’ve now been cheering on the Cubbies for some time now.  The game was right after my doctor’s appointment.  Like RIGHT after.  There were quite a few emotions that we had to deal with and we almost decided to skip the baseball game, but I am so glad we didn’t.  To experience Fenway park was pretty dang cool.  We got to see and feel (trust me those seats aren’t very comfortable) the park.  I’m so glad we went and we “almost” saw a no hitter.  Oh, and one more detail… THE CUBS WON.  That right there is Christmas miracle enough!

Fenway 1

Don’t iphone cameras rock! Love this pic of the old seats.

Pic from our seats

Pic from our seats

I ran into a my friend Dana from Las Cruces. Wha????

At the very back of the park, the Green Monstah is to my left.

At the very back of the park, the Green Monstah is to my left.

The only downside was riding the T back to our hotel.  It was just "a little tight".

The only downside was riding the T back to our hotel. It was just a “little tight”.

Thank you Boston for making what could have been a miserable trip quite nice.  #bostonstrong


9 thoughts on “Pictures from Boston

  1. You made me remember how much I miss being back East! You look great and I’m so glad you took advantage of the area while you were there! Keep the faith!

  2. Damn!! Glad you liked Boston! I always loved that place and that was from a shopping standpoint – TONS of things there to see – the PRU, Museum of Science, Freedom Trail (which I never did, dammit), Old North Church, Bunker Hill monument, Old Ironsides. I really want to go back and do some of the tourista stuff. And the ‘T’ – didn’t cha just LOVE it??!!

  3. I LOVE the east coast. We flew into Boston while you all were there. Lots of good stuff to do! We’re there every summer 🙂

  4. Neva been to Bhastahn, but it looks interesting! We lived in the DC/VA area for years and miss/don’t miss the area. Scenery was beautiful. Traffic bordered on insanity! Glad you took the time to enjoy and did enjoy!

  5. Awww man I have only been to deming lol ……. happy that u guys had a great time. And yes you are the perfect couple. I was real good also to see you at the winery o ya I want my lori bracelet 😉 xoxoxo

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