#TeamLori Bracelets

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the yellow Live Strong bracelets Lance Armstrong popularized years ago. A friend of mine, Tamera, came up with the idea of creating custom rubber bracelets for me and my friends right after I got diagnosed. They read “Team Lori” and “I Believe,” after my blog post of the same name. It took a while for them to get here and then distributed. But once they did, I was very surprised at how many people were interested in them. So interested, we ran out!

#TeamLori bracelet
(Photo courtesy Brooks Photography)

My NMSU boys (more on them later), Jeremiah’s sports teams (Cobras and Gators families) as well as many others have vowed to wear them every day. I hope those who have sworn to wear them are planning for a looooong time, because I plan on sticking around for a while! 🙂

Quick side story, my son’s baseball coach and our friend Gabe went to watch a country band at Inn of the Mountain Gods in Ruidoso. He thought that it would be cool if he got a picture of the band wearing the bracelet. Long story short, he ended up getting banned for the Inn for 30 days because he snuck passed security. The security team didn’t think it was nearly as good an idea as he did, but I think it’s awesome. Thank you Gabe and Crystal!

Some friends are planning on placing a new order of bracelets in adult and child sizes soon. If you are interested in getting your hands on one and joining #TeamLori, please contact my girlfriend (since age 12!) Jessica Doak via Facebook or at jldoak@hotmail.com.

Thank you Tamera, Jessica and everyone else for your love and support. It means the world to me.

3 thoughts on “#TeamLori Bracelets

  1. I am so excited about the kids sizes I will need a few of those for mine since theirs won’t stay on! Girl this bracelet will be the perfect accent to my wedding dress in October! TeamLori forever! Xoxo

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