The Best Gift

I’ve noticed that since I’ve been back from Boston, I’ve turned into an old soul.  I’ve realized that driving a fancy car or living in a big house, although nice, doesn’t create happiness.  My closet is full of nice clothing, but at the end of the day, it’s just stuff.  It’s the people and world around me that actually make my life my richer.  Since my diagnosis, I’m paying more attention to relationships in my life and beauty in the world.

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 34.  I woke up early (rare), felt fairly normal (also rare), and decided to take a walk since it was so beautiful outside.

On my way back, about ten yards away I saw and heard a bird making a fuss in a tree.  It was a large hawk and it swooped out of the tree with something in it’s claws.  Because of its power and beautiful wingspan, I couldn’t help but watch this beautiful bird soar.  I was squinting to see what prey he had caught when he landed on the roof of a neighbor’s house. After he landed on the roof, I noticed that he dropped something white and hopped away from it.  As I got closer, I thought the pile looked like flowers.  I turned around, looked at the tree where all the fuss was, and saw it was full of blooming white flowers.

I was so impressed that I got a front row seat to this action, I told my husband about it when I got home. He said, “See, that’s Briton bringing you flowers on your birthday.”

He was right, so very right,

Yesterday, I spent most the day with my boys.  We went to breakfast and lunch at my favorite places.  They took me to get my nails done.  We got to spend the day uninterrupted by Brandon’s job, my cancer or Jeremiah’s social calendar.

So I am officially saying something that only a grandmother would say: spending time with those I love was the best gift of all.

6 thoughts on “The Best Gift

  1. I have hesitated to comment in your blog , but I have to tell you , I can remember the day I met you at the wine festival you came to greet your dad with a hug you were wearing black pants and a St Clair shirt , I have always felt such beautiful energy from you. And to see that the universe can see that is amazing . I don’t think that was a coincidence , it was a return for all you give to this world

  2. He’s in wildlife, just as you expected. What a beautiful gift and a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it, Birthday Girl. You are loved throughout the universe!

  3. I love this story!!! Beautiful and loving❤️❤️ There is a robin that hangs out in my back yard…pretty sure it’s my mom saying hello. I’m grateful your birthday was wonderful and you all had a nice day. Family is the most important thing in life…❤️❤️❤️ See you soon!

  4. In the rainbow that was over the mountain in front of my house last night, I too, knew a lost loved one was saying hello. Happy Birthday!

  5. I know this is a long time after Lori’s article appeared in the LC paper. I want her to know there is life after pancreatic cancer. My brother-in-law was diagnosed 8 years ago in February with pancreatic cancer just days after attending the funeral of his oldest brother who had died of pancreatic cancer. Ruben has had his ups and downs, but he is still with us and living a full life. They removed his pancreas and he is insulin dependent, but he and his wife watch his diet and he is doing great. Best wishes to you Lori in your quest for recovery

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