August 25

Why is this day so important to my family?  The obvious – and by all means the most important – was the birth of our Jeremiah Cole Young in 2006. While I was pregnant, I said he was our oopsie baby and I proudly wore a shirt that said “Knocked Up” on it since I, well… was.

Little did I know the effect that he was going to have – not only on my life, but for all of those who have surrounded us these last eight years.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I had HELLP syndrome and Jeremiah came into this world with a big, loud bang but very soon he mellowed out.  He was such a good and agreeable baby.  To this day, he still is just…easy.  Maybe in some weird way the universe decided I had enough shit on my plate and gave me this bundle of joy as an added bonus.

Just one year before his birth on August 25, 2005 my husband started working as an accounting manager at St. Clair Winery in Deming, NM.  At the time it was a small winery that most people had heard of, but hadn’t tried their wines.  So today is also Brandon’s 9 year anniversary of employment at the winery and he’s now the CFO.  Congrats honey!

On August 25, 2008 I started at St. Clair/Southwest Wines in sales.  I loved, loved, loved that job.  I got to work with other wineries and labels, most of which were small, family-run businesses that have a passion for winemaking.  Many of my previous customers have remained friends.  I get calls, e-mails and text messages from them near and far along my journey.  Just the other day one of my customers (who could rightfully be defined as a cranky old man) called to tell me he loved me, and is supporting me from afar.

The common denominator in this post is our St. Clair family.  The support from our fellow team members is so very touching.  The one family that has gotten zero credit and really deserves the most is the Lescombes family.  I would love to dive into the details, but this very private family is private for a reason.  That’s why they hired people like Brandon and I who don’t shut up!  Although over the years we have thrown ourselves head first into that winery, they remind us what family is all about. 

I will never forget going on a road trip with one of the owners when I first started.  I was awestruck by the French culture, the focus on agriculture, the mystery of winemaking, the creativity in the marketing, the restaurant industry, and the amount of staff the business had.  Candidly, I asked, “Do you ever sit back and relish in your thriving business?”  He answered, “Not very often.  I look at all the faces we employ and hope that we continue to have success because there are so many families depending on the paycheck we provide them.”  Wow, right?  It was that very day that the deal was sealed for me.  We have been, and always will be, loyal advocates of their businesses and family.  In some twist of fate, they have been the same to us.  

So today, we will celebrate the birth of our baby boy.  But we will honor the time spent and relationships built with the almighty Lescombes family.  A simple thank you will never express the true and deep gratitude our family feels for them.  Pre-diagnosis, we felt the same way.  Post-diagnosis, we are left with our jaws hanging wide open, in complete awe of their love, support and employment.

Merci, Herve Lescombes. Pour la vision, pour vos enfants et notre amitié.

Thank you, Hevre Lesombes.  For your vision, for your children and for our friendship.

2 thoughts on “August 25

  1. Happy Happy Birthday Jeremiah Papaya!!!!! I still tear up when I look at pictures of you and this tiny little miracle that has brought us all so much joy! Please give my love and kisses!

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