Newest Regimen, Round 2 – Check

So I have finished the second round of my second regimen and met with my oncologist today. I had a cat scan last week and a blood draw today.

I guess I was hoping for my tumors to be gone… Bye bye, Birdie. Maybe gone by 50%. Well, that’s not the case. The lesions/tumors/masses have had a slight reduction (around 10%). My overall labs have improved. One liver function is actually within normal limits, for the first time since February. My tumor marker test was down by 50% after the first round. I’ll know in two weeks what the current values are – those get sent off to Dallas.

I guess it’s not good or bad news, and it’s certainly not great news. It’s just news. I guess I won’t be jumping for joy until the mother bleepers are gone.

Bubba, on the other hand, is now on thyroid and arthritis medicine after two visits to the vet in the last month. We were plugging along and he was really improving until he decided to eat an entire month’s supply of both medications last night. He’s now been at the vet for 24 hours where they had to induce vomiting and run IV fluids on the moron.

To sum it all up, Bubba and I will both live to see tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Newest Regimen, Round 2 – Check

  1. Keeping you in my prayers daily and hoping you have great news next visit. Love you and wish I could make it all go away. If the power of love is a healing agent, then healing will happen for you as do many people love you and are supporting you. You are one very special lady.

  2. These are improvements at each new scan – not blockbuster, but slow, steady improvement. I celebrate each improvement. Plus, your labs are GREAT! xoxoxoxo

  3. Lori that is all very good news. Normal enzymes is a big deal! Yay for you. You are such an inspiration to all of us with your attitude and kind, gracious heart. Thank you for sharing your road with all of us. Much love to you. XOXO

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