The Highlight Reel

This week was FULL of exciting news.  It appears that I’ve got some new readers due to the incredible piece that S. Derrickson Moore so eloquently wrote.  I was humbled and quite honored by the article.

Just in case my old readers haven’t seen it, here is the link…

I thought I would sum up this week. As it was most definitely one for the books!

Thursday I participated in the “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” fashion show.  My eyes were opened by many things; some awesome and some not so awesome.  The not-so-awesome part was overshadowed by the awesome.  The very best part was when a group of women, mostly survivors, all confessed to only continuing chemo because they were moms and they were doing it for their kids.  I thought I was the only one!  The best part was that they were all survivors.  Technically, I am too but these women were cancer free.  It was inspiring.  My fashion show partner was the sweetest woman that might be my biggest fan.  She grabbed the news anchors to tell them my story.  I wonder if she will moonlight as my manager :).

IMG_0141 (1)

Think I’m “tough”? I don’t hold a candle to this beautiful warrior.

After the fashion show, I came home checked the mail and found this letter below.  I… umm… don’t really know what to say.  So naturally I called one of my besties to freak out with.  He said, “Babe, we have a serious problem.  It’s the same night as the Cruces v Mayfield game.”  He is right – a serious problem indeed!  Next time the President’s office should really consider contacting my booking agent. I’ll let it slide… this one time.  Check it out.

Spirit Award

During a hydration session, I got the newest results of my tumor marker.  For those of you that don’t know what a tumor marker is… it’s a blood test that measures the protein/hormone/chemical that the tumor(s) produces.  When I was diagnosed and throughout the first regimen it ran in the 400-600 range.  After the second round it’s now down to 63!  PS – I am almost done with my third.  Yippe!  PPS – I tried to simplify this result as best I could, to try to explain it all would be lengthy and boring (and who has time for that?).

Friday night, I told the NMSU football team my story.  My goal was to tell them what it means to be tough.  Of all the week’s highlights, this was the one I was most nervous about and the one that was most important to me.  Although hard to judge the impact, the hugs and love I got after the speech felt pretty great and lead me to believe that it meant something.  My newest and latest mantra with them is #huglife.

Although my dear sweet Aggies lost, I will refuse to give up on them – just like I will refuse to give up on my cancer.  One small victory was that my sweet #21 had two touchdowns.  This was how I decided to sport pink.



They bring the tough. I bring the pink (hair!).


In my humble opinion, we had the most awesome hair on the sidelines!

Fright night I got re-tweeted by Doug Baldwin, WR for the Seattle Seahawks.  Wow, right?  Like, wow. Wow. Wow!  Then for the next two hours I preceded to internet stalk the poor guy.  He looks like an incredibly classy person that just earned my respect and gained a fan.  Until, he plays my Packers.  Then I’m on their side.


After the game, one of the player’s mom’s decided that she was going to “do something” to support cancer survivors.  She gave me an incredibly generous (way too generous) check and after stewing about what I was going to do with it… I decided to keep it.  It will pay for the meals that I cook for my Aggies.  No, it doesn’t advance medicine. No, it’s doesn’t pay for my medical expenses.  But, it feeds souls.  It will fill the bellies of some of my favorite humans on this earth and it will fill my soul with love and satisfaction.  Lucky me.

To sum up the entire week, I felt so incredibly loved.  I’m convinced that everyone once in their life deserves to feel this loved.  Even if it’s just for a short time.  Lucky enough for me it’s lasting for quite a long time.  I’m wondering when you might start getting sick of me?

All my love sent back,


4 thoughts on “The Highlight Reel

  1. I WILL NEVER BE SICK OF YOUI. I am so inspired by your blog, not only does food feed the soul but writing purifies the soul so one can keep on moving. Keep it up!

  2. We’re your cheerleader!!! Proud of your feet moving one in front of the other and your blood knocking all those cancer cells out of the park…. God is on your side and i bet he loves your pink hair too!! I completely enjoy your outpouring if love despite everything you are going through. You are an amazing woman and you’re changing lives!!! Thank you and keep writing such wonderful moving words…. God Bless You

  3. You rocked pink and crimson Lori! You are an inspiration to everybody who has ever had pancreatic cancer come into their lives. Live well, laugh hearty, love with all your soul and keep on fighting the fight. God bless you and yours as you will be in our prayers long after the day you hear the words cancer free!

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