Kick Cancer’s Butt, Charlene

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So many people – and when I say so many people, I mean a ridiculous amount of people – have offered to help us financially.  From donating briskets, to volunteering to make enchilada plates, to straight-up cold hard cash.  Although we are by no means rich, we make decent money.  Our cars aren’t new and our house isn’t big (trust me on this one… try feeding 12 football players in a 1,500 square foot house).  But we are good, and our standard answer has been, “We don’t need it now, but one day we might – so hang on to it until then.”  I’m happy and proud to say we still don’t need it, but someone else does.

One of the many benefits of being the captain for the NMSU football team is getting to eat dinner with the team before they travel, or the night before a home game.  A few months ago, I sat at a table with some of the kids I didn’t know so that I could get to know them better.  I sat with two young men and after some small talk, one of them told me that his mom also has cancer.  What was interesting was when he talked about her.  There are so many different kinds of guys on the team; jokesters, leaders, and serious guys. This guy is a straight up man.  He’s six feet, five inches tall, weighs 270 pound and has a thick beard.  I’m not easily intimidated, but if anyone could do it… it’s him.  He’s a defensive end with long legs and swelled-up muscles. I could imagine him breaking another human right in half.  That is, until he started talking about his sweet mother.  His face perked up; his body language softened.  It was clear to me that this kid loves his mommy.

At the last game in between plays he came up to me and with sparkly eyes under his helmet and said, “My mom is here from Fresno! She came out to watch me play!”  In between plays, he told me that they had found a good website to raise money and wanted to share the site with me in case I needed it. After that, his swift 270-pound frame ran into the game where he soon crushed his opponent on the field.

After the game, I made sure to find them so I could finally meet this sweet lady.  And sweet she was.  We only chatted for about five minutes, but I felt an instant connection.  It wasn’t cancer, or football, or being a fighter that connected us.  It was that she’s a mommy that loves her kids, and so am I.    Her giant son and his tiny girlfriend sat there is awe of this woman and I did too.  She’s also got a rare and stupid form of cancer.  But, she’s sassy, funny, and she’s not going down without a fight.

So, dear friends… I started doing some math.  I believe that I have about 500 followers on my blog.  If everyone donates $10 to her she will get $5000 bucks!  See? I told you I was good at math.  I’m positive that every reader I have has an extra $10.  If you are reading this on a smart phone… you could probably spare $20. #justsayin

If you don’t have the money, let’s make a deal.  Keep her (and her three children) in your thoughts, your prayers, and send your good energy her way.

Here is the link if you would like to help out my new friend, who is not only a warrior and a survivor, but most importantly she is a mommy.  Pull out your credit card and click away.

P.S. Thank you friends for your generous offers… they mean the world to me.

P.P.S.  Dear sweet Charlene, you just got 500 more people that will silently be in your corner.  Keep fighting the fight, Lady.

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