Chemo Brain

You may have heard the term “chemo brain” thrown around. What that meant for me is that I couldn’t think things through, finish a coherent thought, remember why I walked into a room, or name of my 17th anti-nausea medication because of chemotherapy. Chemo Brain isn’t a listed side effect. But it’s real! These are some of the other names I like to refer to it as…

The “I can’t sleep because chemo f’s everything up” Brain
The “I’m on so many medications I just wrote a check with the year 2012” Brain
(PS – it took 5 minutes of me staring at it to figure it out what was actually wrong with it)
The “Bro, I am stoned” Brain (from both cannabis and prescriptions picked up at Walgreens)
The “What the F is wrong with our country? Everyone has bloody cancer” Brain
The “Is chemo really the answer?” Brain
The “Is this what dying feels like?” Brain
The “I’m feeling guilty for eating a quart of ice cream last night” Brain
The “I wanna quit but I have children and a family” Brain
The “I’m strong, I’m strong, I’m strong, but please hold me!” Brain
The “Give me your opinions when I freaking ask for them (beatch!)” Brain
The “Can I get lost in worrying about someone else rather than my own fucked up life?” Brain
The “Why is this form so complicated to fill out? Don’t they realize I have cancer?” Brain
The “Certainly this is working because I feel so terrible” Brain
The “Is there really a cure out there, but pharma business is preventing it from coming to market? Brain

PS – If any physicians or oncology staff read my blog, this post is for you. Next time you get frustrated with a patient remember all this noise (and more) is rumbling around in their heads.

PPS – I do indeed love my patient care.

PPPS – Except for you MMC billing. I’m coming for you next. That was the gauntlet and it’s been thrown, jerk faces!

6 thoughts on “Chemo Brain

  1. Wow! My sister in law has the same side affects! She is going through the same thing. She can’t remember one thing to next or she gets easily frustrated!! Chemo Brain is no joke. Love you friend!

  2. Lori you couldn’t have said it any better.. I know first hand what that is like.. I’m still struggling with it but the fog is clearing .. Love you Lori and your one of the sweetest persons I’ve ever met.. My prayers are with you each and every day..

  3. I love how you can turn such a frustrating experience into a blog post that made me laugh, nod my head in agreement, and made my eyes tear up. I’m currently suffering from “I can’t remember what I just read but I know I liked it” brain 🙂 Take care Lori!

  4. Chemo brain sucks I to suffer from it my family sometimes get mad at me because I will start to say something and then I forget what I was saying. I just past it off as being blonde lol

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