Viva La Vida!

Well I can honestly say that 2014 was one of the books and a little piece of me wanted to climb to the top of A mountain and scream some obscenities to 2014, but after re-reading a few of my last blog posts… I already did.  Ouch!

This year for Christmas we decided to make the plunge, spend the money and take a real holiday.  We never spend the money or time to really enjoy time like this.  The last time that my husband and I actually checked out from work and the world was our delayed honeymoon nearly four years ago (for the math nerds… it was also a delayed wedding!).

I contacted my most favorite people on this earth and invited them to join us in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  Almost all of them were there… almost.  After Briton passed away I saw a quote that said, “Friends are the family you choose.”  Technically, I only share genetics with Jeremiah.  But, in my heart these folks are family.

Thank you to those that came.  But most importantly… thank you Mr. Young for allowing me to have the Christmas of my dreams.

We coined the phrase “Never Neverland” for our trip.  We decided that money, calories, cancer, deadlines and reality don’t exist in Never Neverland.  The only hard part of that was coming back to earth after – I gained ten pounds so obviously the calories did count, opps!



The woman on my left in my best friend Elsa. There is a long complicated story about her and our special relationship. Maybe one day I will share, maybe. The pic on the top left is just few minutes after we got there and we were beyond excited to see each other. It might be my favorite picture of the entire trip.


How I started almost every morning; butter coffee (I’ll share that recipe one day), yoga, meditation and girl talk.  Then one day I followed that up with a bloody Mary, Auntie Libby – you will be happy to know that I taught the next generation your famous and delicious recipe!


The picture in the left corner is the sunrise and the rest are sunsets.  We believe that the bright star on the bottom left picture is Mars!




The name of the house we stayed at was Casa de Ole and had the most wonderful mosaic work.


When I would gaze off into the beautiful sunset there wasn’t another thought in the entire world – except appreciating it’s beauty.




Beach bums having some beach cocktails!


So yes this is a shameless picture of my tan glistening legs, but I happened to catch my #21 running football plays with Jeremiah.  This is only significant because they ran about 1,000 plays during the trip.  It was so awesome!!!



The house that we stayed out was full of “dichos” or sayings.

Top:  The shrimp that falls asleep is carried away by the current.

Left:  How beautiful is it to do nothing and after doing nothing, rest.

(I can answer that question – AWESOME!)

Right:  He who does not look forward stays behind..


Pics of the kids room.  Just too cute not to share!


Our house was a short truck ride from a estuary that had an oyster farm.  Most folks enjoyed them, but my fuzzin is a vegetarian and wasn’t sure about it consuming these creatures.  In Never Neverland spirit… she gave it a try.  She’s obviously not a fan.



Our one day in town.  The rest of the time were were chillaxin on the beach.



My tall drink of water with a tall Margarita.  The pics on the right are of our Christmas meal.  Look at the size of the shrimp!?!


Yes, yes, yes… we were “those” annoying Americans on the beach with Santa hats.  But aren’t these pics so gosh darn cute?



This is Nicole.  She is also referred to as my fuzzin.  Fuzzin stands for faux cousin.  We call each other fuzzy, fuzzy wuzzy… the list goes on and on.  In these pictures we might have been a little buzzy 🙂



The little cutie in the Santa hat is #21’s girlfriend, Alexis.  She is adorable, sweet, beautiful and tiny.  Or am I just that strong?



Sorry I just couldn’t resist posting these pics.  I love Elsa and those silly Packers and that HUNK (aka Aaron Rodgers).




One day we took a long walk down the beach.  We collected shells and took some #TeamLori pics.  It made me think of Our Sweet Briton so I wrote this in the sand.  Even though he physically wasn’t there… he was there is spirit.



My dear sweet Christopher cooked, prepped, shopped and cooked some more.  He was simply amazing and made the trip all that much better.  It’s his fault for the ten pounds.



These are a bunch of hams with clams.  Then a ham cutting a ham, lol!



I have sooooo many picture of food.  It was all sooooo delicious.  Ahem, hence the ten pounds, ha!



This is my little baby.  Is this picture necessary?  Probably not.  But, it’s my blog and he’s my little baby 🙂



Girls being girls and trying to capture the most beautiful sky, ever!



Welp… that’s a wrap.  Thank you Apple for having a timer on the iPad so that we could get a pic of our entire gang.



It was a trip of a lifetime and I’m a lucky girl to have been able to enjoyed it.






3 thoughts on “Viva La Vida!

  1. I absolutely LOVE your pictures!! That is amazing that you took this trip… and what a testimony to the wonderful woman that you are, that all these people were there to celebrate with you :-). Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

  2. Love the pictures, and let me say, from the look of the FOOD, the 10 pounds are worth it. You are a true inspiration. Friends are such a gift and you are blessed to have so many…

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