Very early on in my blog,  I mentioned my relationship with Christopher, one of my best friends and editors.  He’s an avid (and boy do I mean AVID) Mayfield Trojan fan and an incredible home chef. He lives in Denver and he’s one of my dearest friends.  And what’s kind of silly, really, is that I might have almost forgotten how incredible he is before I got diagnosed.  In the last year, I’ve been humbled to watch what attracted me to him so many years ago.  Right when I got diagnosed he came home to Las Cruces.  He helped me prepare a meal for my football players and sat with me through a series of scans.  On another visit he scoured the craft shops of Denver and brought down the very finest origami paper.  When we had a golf tournament for Briton, he gladly did the graphic design work and without asking, came to the tournament, brought friends, and made a donation.  He has the difficult and emotional job of reading pretty intense shit about someone he loves, then the task of making me sound like an intelligent human. (FYI: My spelling and grammar are terrible!)For the holidays, he basically told me that my wish was his demand.  So after I made the decision to spend a week on the beach in Mexico, he gladly purchased a plane ticket and put a check in the mail for his share.I’m not sure how much paid time off he had from his employer, but he’s had to blow though a significant amount of it this year visiting me, especially during a tough round of chemo.

While spending an entire week with him during Christmas, I was blown away again.  He spent hours in grocery stores and the kitchen to prepare the very best and most delicious foods.  He should seriously quit his job and become a celebrity chef. Bro had some serious skillz!!

Not only did he fill our vacation home with the smell of delicious food, but he filled it with laughter.  No request was too big for Christopher to handle.  He can and did make decisions without leaning on me, letting me enjoy my time on vacation and with him. He is a champion and a trooper.

I love you, my dear sweet Christopher.  We’ve been friends for twenty years and with a little luck, some modern medicine, and a bad ass attitude, I’m looking forward to the next twenty, Babe.

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