From the Beach to the Mountains…


Four years ago my framily and I decided to take a trip on Martin Luther King, Jr weekend to Ruidoso, NM to enjoy mountain fun.  We had so much fun skiing, tubing, eating, drinking and laughing we’ve since made it an annual trip.  Every year the group has gotten a little bigger and the house we rent gets a little nicer.  Earlier this year I made the decision that we were going to live it up.  I’d like to think we were the Kardashians of New Mexico for a few days 🙂  Since most of my dear sweet football players are seniors I fear that they will grow up and move far, far away from me and that makes me sad.  One of them left in December and I seriously cried for two days.  Like a straight. Up. Melt. Down.  It wasn’t pretty.

What is pretty are these sweet smiles.


This year I added puzzles to the fun and games.  I set it out and then watched the OCD’ers tick.  They couldn’t walk away.


These are taken from Ski Apache.  In the pic below all the guys are skiiers, but the gals stayed back in the cabin and made sack lunches for the skiiers.  Then we all sat on the deck, drank some beer and had lunch.


Look at these happy skiiers!  Aren’t they so dang cute?


After we came down from the mountain Jeremiah and I hopped in the hot tub which had the most incredible views.


Then we just got silly and went a little overboard with shameless selfies.  #photobomber


One thing that most people don’t know about me is that I am deer whisperer.  Deer love me.  No actually, I love to chase deer around like a crazy, tree hugging, green peace lady.  Judge away.  I love to get close to these magnificent animals.  Yes, I eat them.  No, I wouldn’t dream of killing one.  Again, judge away.



Part of the fun of this entire trip for me is cooking.  I have spreadsheets and start planning on January 2nd of every year.  Since I was doing the cooking, I didn’t take many picture of food because my hands were full, but this not so pretty dinner tasted pretty yummy!  These are the kinds of hugs that you get when you cook like this.  Worth every second.  Thank you cute ‘lil Ray.



As I am sure you are aware my Dad, Miah and I love the Green Bay Packers.  I am also sure you are aware they lost to the Seattle Seahawks.  These are pics right after the game.  I clearly didn’t handle it very well.  Maybe it was because they stopped FREAKING playing!!!  Sorry back to mountain bliss.


Last year I was pushing myself to cook and do things for the trip all when I wasn’t feeling well.  I thought it was the flu that I couldn’t shake.  Little did we know I was going to be diagnosed just a few weeks after this trip.  I feel like my world has come full circle in just one year.  Who would have ever known what I was carrying around then.  In all honesty, I was stronger on this trip than the last.  The long term outlook of my disease doesn’t look so hot , but aren’t we all terminal?  Aren’t all of our clocks “ticking”?  Not a single one of us are guaranteed tomorrow and I am making damn sure to that I will enjoy today.  This mountain trip is the definition of this theory.

Thank you to all that attended… you made it possible.










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