Honey Badger

“I wrote this post quite a long time ago but couldn’t find the right time to post it.  Today is the last day of my 13th round and I resemble that of a bug that has recently hit a wind shield.  Splat!  I re-read this post and it reminded me to be tough because that is what honey badgers do.”

A while back a friend of mine called me a honey badger. I laughed it off not knowing what it actually meant until I mentioned it to another friend. He pulled out his phone and showed me the video below.

Now, let me be crystal clear this will offend you if you’re easily offended.  It’s inappropriate, and politically so incorrect that it should not be shown to anyone under the age of 15.  But, hopefully you can loosen up a little and laugh about it as much I have.

After being entertained for hours on end, I started learning a little more about honey badgers and in some silly way, found parallels between us.

The biggest parallel I found is around chemo. I like to think when I take a round of chemo it’s like the honey badger getting stung by the venomous snake and passing out for a few minutes.  After each round I look and kinda feel like the honey badger does, but each time I stagger around and eventually find my way back.

Other interesting commonalities:

  • A honey badger has long nails. So do I. I bought mine, but nonetheless, we rock them..
  • The honey badger is black and white.  Those are my two favorite colors.  And combined… helllllooo!!
  • The honey badger can scare a lion, not because she can actually win, but because she’s just crazy enough to think she can.

As the guy who narrates the video so ‘eloquently’ says, “Honey badgers don’t care. Honey badgers don’t give a shit!”  Indeed I do care and I give a shit.  BUT, part of being fierce is sometimes not giving a shit.

This year, I will be a self-proclaimed honey badger. If 2014 was the year of the cranes, 2015 is the year of the honey badger. I’m gonna have enough fierceness to eat larva while being stung by bees. I’ll growl like a honey badger.  And I’ll keep my nails long like a honey badger.  Careful, because at times, I will scratch. I hope my nails don’t cut too deep or I growl too loud and if I do hopefully my team will understand why.

Thank you Jacob for planting the HB seed.

This tough bitch is also a honey badger.


3 thoughts on “Honey Badger

  1. Whatever it takes, Lori, Whatever it takes! You go girl… and keep up the fight doing whatever you need to do to beat PC’s butt.

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