The Summer In Numbers

Howdy, blog friends…I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and I figure it’s time to give y’all an update.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m nowhere near being an athlete but I am a sports enthusiast, particularly when it comes to baseball and football.  Two things that sports and cancer share is numbers, and being the daughter of a math teacher – as well as having a love for numbers myself – I’ve decided to breakdown the last few months through the love of numerals:

35: Years in age I turned this month.

25:  Years Nicole (my Fuzzin) turns today!

70: Guests who partied their asses off in our shared celebration.  We were all decked out in our finest black and white attire and celebrated being fabulous.

60:  Bottles of wine that we guzzled that night.

FullSizeRender (2)

864:  The number of baseballs I watched the Cruces Cobras swing at, catch or throw.  My little tiny baby really came into his own this year in baseball.  It was the teams’ first year in kids pitch and for the first time felt like they were playing real ball.  His mind and coordination came together and he made a home for himself at first base.  For all of the baseball enthusiasts out there, he’s left-handed which makes him ideal for first base. (Mommy confession: Every single time a ball went his way my stomach tied up in knots.  I’ll never forget the mother of a quarterback at Mayfield told me that game day = diarrhea.  Now I can see where she was coming from.)


4: The number of baseball tournaments this summer, and I only killed ONE mother. Just kidding…I didn’t.  I’m really kidding, because I not only fell in love with baseball all over again, I fell in love with so many of the baseball moms, dads and grandparents of our lil Cobras.  Their support for me is awe inspiring and truly touching.  Every single time my baby took the field I wondered if he would continue playing this sport in high school and if I would be around to watch.  When I scanned the cheering section I felt some comfort because I’m fairly certain some of this group will stick together and they will keep an eye on my baby if I’m not here to do it myself.

62:  The number of Friday Night Lights episodes that our family binge-watched on Netflix in preparation for football season.

28: The number of 2nd and 3rd graders that have suited up in full pads to start practicing for Gator football.

9:  The age my lil baby (not so little and not so much a baby) turns tomorrow.


33:  My level of Chromogranin A.  As I’ve explained before, a tumor marker is a blood test that measures this level in my specific type of cancer.  When I got diagnosed it was around 600.  After my IV chemo it went to 400.  After I started the regimen out of Dana Farber in Boston it was 60 and once my body stopped responding it quickly went back to 300.  After my first two “rounds” it dropped down to 33.  Hooray!!

17:  The “round” of chemo that I started today.

39,990: Dollars per month.  The check my insurance cuts to the specialty pharmacy for my current medication regimen.  #ThisIsCriminal

4,284: Dollars worth of chemo Bubba ate last week.

469: Dollars it cost to take him to the vet and pump his stomach.


225:  The section where my family sat at the Georgiadome where we watched Valerian play his very first NFL game (pre-season). When the camera panned the team during the national anthem, I lost my shit and cried until the end of the song. I almost thought I would cry when I saw him after the game, but his bright smile on his 300-pound frame wouldn’t let me.  It was an awesome moment, and I consider my family lucky to be part of.


7,855: The number of tickets that are left to “Stuff the Stadium” for the first NMSU Aggie home football game on September 12, 2015. The tickets are going for $5, $10 and $15 tickets.  If you live here, please, please, PLEASE (with a cancer cherry on top) go.  If you don’t, but you are interested in making me happy (hint, hint), buy a block of tickets – no matter how large or small – and donate them to Jeremiah’s elementary school.  Alameda Elementary is in such a poverty-stricken area that all kids receive free breakfast and lunch.  Most of the parents have to make hard decisions on basic needs and don’t have the financial means to take their family to games.  Contact me at and I will assist you in getting those tickets.

102:  The number of Aggie football players on the active roster.  I’ve been to summer practices, weight lifting, and I’ve spoken to the freshmen class when they arrived.  102 x 1,000,000 = 102,000,000 which is how much my heart loves them. And I can attest that this is a scientific fact.  #AggieLove


3 thoughts on “The Summer In Numbers

  1. Lori, you look absolutely awesome!! Happy belated birthday to you and happy birthday to your cousin today. And please tell Jeremiah happy birthday tomorrow for me:) Hugs, Robin Sent from my iPhone


  2. You are so beautiful inside and out…Your son is handsome! Girls watch out! You always make me smile with your blogs… Love all the great pictures… Keep posting..

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