The Aggies Win: Twice!


If you don’t know by now (where have you been?), my beloved NMSU Aggies won their first game last Saturday after 17 straight losses.  AND, today they won their second game in a row!  Before I lose my readership, this post isn’t yet another post about the Aggies…it’s just that they reminded me that even against all odds; even the Aggies can win – twice.

They may not win a bowl game (this year), but even they can come out on top from time to time.  I guess in some weird way, they inspire me not to give up.  Maybe a black cat ran across the field on All Hallow’s Eve?  Maybe the curse was lifted on this special night?  Nonetheless, after the ejections, old injuries, new injuries, the true freshmen players…they hung in there together and refused to hand over the W.  That night and this afternoon, they simply never gave up.

I know because I can see it in people’s eyes when they see me, my last post was pathetic.  I tried adding something snarky about how the conversation went between the physician’s assistant at MD Anderson and I.  It just didn’t work.  Recently, a sweet friend asked how I deal with and escape all this madness. The short answer is – I don’t.  I deal with the situation head on, leave the battle ground a little bloody and slightly swollen, and then move on.  Literally, my time is too valuable and precious to get worked up for long.  After all, I’ve got a little Cobra to cheer on and a whole bunch of big Aggies.

PS – Thank you for your love; even when I’m scared, even when I’m sad, and even when I have the game winning ball.