The Day I Skipped Hospice and Bought a Corvette Instead

It’s called priorities, people.

My son is infatuated with high-end cars and he recruited my husband to join this slightly-obsessive club.  For the last year, hours and hours have passed while my two boys Google, bookmark and obsess over muscle cars.  I, on the other hand, couldn’t care less.  Somehow, their love affair got narrowed down to Corvettes and they were glued to the latest posts on Craigslist.  At least twice a week I would have to endure watching my two boys try to “used car” sell me into buying their latest internet find.  I would just roll my eyes and then mumble something about cleaning out the garage.
One night we were all harassing each other when a light bulb came on and I thought, “How badass would it be if I actually bought my boys a Corvette?”
So I consulted with a girlfriend who gave me the green light.  Then I called my Daddy, who from this point on will be referred to as my “Not So Little Elf”, a.k.a. NSL Elf. After that, I did what any normal wife would do – I hacked my husband’s phone (hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do) to see if I could find their latest infatuation. Fail.Then I called NSL Elf and he called his associates. That’s when we found what I hoped to be “The One”.
NSL Elf jumped into high gear and helped me with the details:  He found a mechanic to inspect the car, and set up an appointment for us  to check it out.  Of course, the only date and time that the car owner, my NSL Elf and I were available to meet just so happened to be the same day that Brandon and I had talked about starting Hospice on. Instead, I convinced my husband that he should stay at work the full day (which should have been a clue) and I could start Hospice the next week.  Little did he know what plans NSL Elf and I had.
After exchanging money, I jumped in my truck and followed a black, shiny, convertible Corvette that NSL Elf drove to the DMV. After that, we parked it in his barn, naturally, next to a turn-of-the-century stagecoach.  I mean, come on…I am a Paulson after all.
On Christmas Day (with a fair amount of coordination – thank you DiG) NSL Elf drove up  and surprised my boys with just what be my favorite gift ever given.
For my sweet boys, may you talk about love, life, and solve all of the world’s problems while under the hood of this beauty.  But even more importantly, put the top down, remember me and enjoy the sights of our beautiful Mesilla Valley.

21 thoughts on “The Day I Skipped Hospice and Bought a Corvette Instead

  1. I hadn’t seen your last post until I read this one. I was grinning at the title, knowing something fun must be in the offing, and it was – but the rest of the content indicated things had not been going well and I went back to read the last one next to this. My heart hurts to know the chemo has not had the hoped for effects. I have been hoping against hope and praying for your health but, short of a miracle (and I’m definitely all for that!), it seems you’ve made one of the hardest decisions anyone should have to make. Peace and love to you from a stranger who has read your stories and come to admire and care for you and yours. We are so finite – it is hard to take some of this in – but please know that I and apparently many others, judging from comments, are holding you in our hearts as you face this road with the same dignity, strength, and humor with which you began.

  2. Girl, you are crazy as hell!! I think that’s what we all love about you. Jeremiah spread on the hood of that car is priceless. I know they will enjoy that “whip” for years.

    I hope it’s a five speed, that’s where all of the fun comes in. Getting out on an open road, working the gears and gas pedal up to a cool cruising 95mph. Whew! Top down, music blasting! I’m there.

  3. Sure beats hospice. You continue to amaze Karin and I with your courage, attitude and smarts. You have created a philosophical model for me in the event I end up in your shoes down the line. I hope your boys appreciate you as much as they should. I know Karin does. I think about your indomitable spirit every day.
    If there is anything Karin or I can do to provide some ease in the hospice situation, just push a button or rev up the Vette and let us know. I have some medical chocolates for discomfort, if you have difficulty obtaining some from other sources. Hope I can take a good pic of you and the boys in your new wheels before you guys drive it around the globe.
    Keep your top knot tied, my friend!

  4. I have not commented enough on your wisdom and courage. You are a lady who knows how to live! most exceptionally well done and well said.

  5. Dan just told me about you and this blog. You are obviously a very tough and brave person. You have a beautiful family. I will be thinking about you

  6. Oh Miss Lori, how wonderful and loving you are, always thinking of those you love no matter what you are going through. The memories made in that car will always be of how wonderful YOU made whatever happens in that car possible. You will live forever in their hearts!

  7. Lori

    I just found out via the Facebook post. I am so sorry to not have known. You have been always been a strong and positive person, so reading how you are handling this is no surprise to me. I will try to reach you ASAP and you will be in my prayers. Please take care of yourself and God bless.

    Your friend


  8. Lori, I have been keeping up with your blog and you are remarkable in everything that you have done. I would like to thank you for all of the love & support that you shared with Tra. We all deeply appreciate you extending your love to him. You have fought a great battle that most would have given up on months ago. Just remember that this battle is not just yours our Lord has the final say. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Courtney

  9. Just wanted to reach out here on your blog. I didn’t want to intrude on the day that our sons played the baseball scrimmage earlier this month at LCHS field. My son got to team up with your boy and said, “He’s cool Mom!”
    We haven’t met, but I can empathize a fraction of your pain. I lost my Dad to cancer not too long ago and that disgusting disease leaves a hole in my heart without him. I was blessed to have the time I did with him and just like you he was an inspiration to so many people in his town. I just wanted you to know that even being a stranger, you are an inspiration to others as strength in a time when it is easier to crumble.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in the journey ahead. What a wonderful family you have as well.

  10. I’ve been blessed to have been aware of you and your journey Mrs. Paulsen. The amount of hearts you have touched by reaching out to your community being a symbol of strength, love, and grace will be forever have an impact on the souls of the southwest. You bridge the gap between Aggie and Lobo to one community and one state on such a humanistic level. You and your family deserve the world for the courage to share your story with the rest of us. May your boys enjoy their new ride, for I hope to be half the parent/spouse/leader you are someday. Much love from the 505.

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