Bonjour from Quebec City! (a little late)

If you are friends with me on social media, chances are you saw some of the pictures that we posted from our trip to Quebec this past summer.  I’m sure some of you are wondering about all the details that made that trip come together, so I thought I’d share.  Don’t mind while I blow the dust of this oldie but (hopefully) goodie!


The food supplier for the bistros that Brandon and I work for sent their larger-account clients on an trip to the magnificent city of Quebec City. Technically, I’m not sure that our positions with the company were worthy of this trip, but because others in our organization already had trips planned, we happened to be third in line – which worked out just perfectly for us!

We had to make a quick decision, considering I was currently on my second chemo regimen (which was working) and I thought, this is a no-brainer…we are going!  Well, then – as you may remember – medically, shit hit the fan.  I started my new and third regimen only a week before the trip to Canada.  My oncologist and I hoped that I would be able to continue chemo while I was there, but my white blood cell counts plummeted, and she decided that I should take a break and just enjoy my trip. And enjoy I did! Medically, I felt fantastic almost the entire time we were there. Score!

The kind folks at Shamrock Foods really know how to PARTY, but most importantly, they reminded me so much of the wonderful company we work for.  Their desire to make their customers feel important is so much a part of their culture. Many of their employees have worked for the company for several years, and they are all incredibly loyal to each other as well as to the customer.

At the end of everyday, I would put together a slideshow to recap the day that we had.  Here are the clips…

I really hope this doesn’t come across as bragging, because I realize that so many people will never get such an opportunity, but this was one of the first times that I was able to just hang with my husband.  I wasn’t throwing up and he wasn’t working. Even better than that, neither of us had to “take care” of the details of the trip because they were already done, and SO much more.

Day: 1

Day: 2

Day: 3

This was, without a shadow of a doubt, the trip of a lifetime – an experience for the books. At moments, I almost forgot about that C word that constantly haunted me the last 16 months.  Right before the trip, I made the decision that we weren’t going to tell anyone in the group (there were 400 of us) that I have cancer.  We were just Brandon and Lori from St. Clair in New Mexico.  I wasn’t a cancer patient and he wasn’t my caretaker.

This little life of mine is exactly what I had envisioned we would be doing. It’s what we have worked so hard to achieve, and it’s almost perfect. Well, almost.



P.S. Those ten pounds that I gained in Mexico? Yeah they are back.  I’m sure you could tell by the food pics. 😉

P.P.S. A quick observation now that I’ve lost weight: I would have been able to win the hearts of men and women combined when I had more of a muffin-top.  Not the case this time around, particularly with the ladies! Who would have known that I had to use the cancer card to win the hearts of some stone-cold bitches? Shame on them. 

3 thoughts on “Bonjour from Quebec City! (a little late)

  1. Lori, thanks so much for sharing the pictures of your trip 🙂 What fun!! It is great to see you and Brandon having so much fun and look at all the delicious food and drink. Love it.

  2. Hi Lori! You are truly beautiful in every way! We met you in Quebec and were instantly attracted to your infectious smile and zest for life! Of course; we did not know the battle you were fighting as we had just met. You made such an Impression on the both of us. We left that trip with thoughts of you and Brandon and how much our quick friendship added to the wonderful and beautiful memories we made on our trip. Our prayers are with you every day. You have obviously made a huge and impactful difference in so many lives. I am honored to have had the pleasure to spend time with you. Love and Blessings, ❤️Jocelyn and Tug Herig

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