March 16, 2016

All of you know this has been a long road, and most of you know Lori was very ready. She has now found her peace. We are so blessed and loved I am finding it challenging to express our gratitude. I wish I could personally contact each of you.

With much love,

Brandon and Lori’s entire family

34 thoughts on “March 16, 2016

  1. Prayers for all…. GOD bless you and the family Brandon! She was a great woman and her memory will live on for life times to come.

  2. I can only imagine how sad y’all are, even if happy in the peace that Lori has found. Her description of herself when she began the blog was very apt. My prayers to you and yours.

  3. She will forever be remembered. Such a wonderful angel has left such an impact. Her smile, light and love will remain with us. Rest in peace Lori. Keeping your family in our prayers, may God provide you peace and comfort ❤️

  4. Heaven has gained a new angel, thank you Lori Paulson for your inspiring fight in life. God bless your family and you will be remembered always. Pray for Brandon Young and family, let’s keep Lori’s lights to shine for all to see forever.

  5. May the family find comfort and strength knowing that Lori will be watching you from above. Forever in our hearts. My prayers will continue to be with you and the family.

  6. My prayers are with you all as you transition into this new time of your life without your beautiful wife, Mother, daughter and friend. God speed Lori. You will be missed and are true let loved.

  7. Our prayers are with you and your family. What a long, courageous and tough journey Lori had, but she was able to make the journey on her terms and allowed us all to be a part of it. She provided so much to so many. May you rest in peace Lori.

  8. You meant so much to so many, and you have showed such courage. Thank you for letting complete strangers in. May your family find peace and comfort in one another. Prayer will continue for your son and husband.

  9. Rest I Peace Lori, my heart is filled with sadness, but I also know you are now pain free. God has given you your wings to watch over Brandon, Jeremiah, your family and friends. Your beautiful smile and face will never ever be forgotten….WE LOVE YOU, The Bateman’s!

  10. I’m so sorry for your loss. I didn’t know her well but having you all apart of my son Elijahs life has me so blessed for Eli to know how strong of a woman Lori was and looks up to her. He says he wants to be strong just like her. He loves you all so much. May your Beautiful Angel rest in peace.

  11. Love and peace to you all — Brandon, Jeremiah, Maribel, Jenny… So glad we got to see Lori last month. We are holding you in our hearts and drinking a toast to Lori.

  12. I just got home from work. I commute from the country near San Marcos, TX to Austin for work. I drive up Hwy 183 and it can be a rough and stressful drive sometimes. Today I couldn’t help but notice all the bluebonnets along 183 and how beautiful it was. I thought of you Lori and it brought me peace. For a moment I forgot about all the aggressive drivers and road rage around me. You were courageous in your battle and it makes me appreciate every moment. God keep you and your family.

  13. Grace, strength and beauty at it’s finest. One who lived life to the fullest and battled like a warrior. Now a guardian angel.

    Prayers for Lori’s family♡

  14. Words cannot convey the depth of sorrow that we feel, nor can they assuage the grief that follows. Peace be with you Lori and your family. Your light shall forever be a fixture in the lives of all that you touched.

  15. Lori’s spirit and light will be with us always. She was a gift to every life she touched. Prayers and peace to Brandon, Jeremiah and all her family.

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