In Memory of Lori Paulson

Lori Paulson (8/5/1980 – 3/16/2016), 35, passed away from pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer. Most obituaries would talk about her brave and tough battle. Most obituaries would be written by family scratching their heads, not knowing which life accomplishments and family of hers to highlight. Most people wouldn’t write their own obituary. But, as any of my friends could tell you, I am not ‘most’ people.

During the two years after my cancer diagnosis I was often told how strong and inspirational I was for so many. The other side of the story is the strength of the people around me. Their strength is what built me up and kept me going. My husband, my son, my parents, the family that I share no genetics with but who are indeed family, my beloved Aggie football players, girl friends and guy friends–THEY were my backbone. They held me up even when they didn’t know it.

Bragging about my own accomplishments–even in an obituary–seems so, what’s the phrase…self-indulgent? I would rather tell you what a blast my life was. I mean it was FUN. I know for a fact I laughed more than I cried. I know when I reminisce, I think about the good more than the bad. I know I was the best mommy I could be for the short amount of time I was given. Dancing, the Mayfield Trojans and the NMSU Aggies are just a few highlights. Cooking, eating and learning a lifelong art of wine was love for for my taste buds. Sharing these passions with my boys makes me proud that my family is so well rounded.

Now, let’s be real, I was no saint. But as one of my favorite people says, “Saints aren’t any fun.” I think she is right on! So tonight, do me a favor. Open a bottle of wine, “Raise your glass!” like P!nk, consume responsibly and then laugh as much as possible with the people you love. At the end of the day–at least at the end of mine–that is what I remembered.

I’m so satisfied with my short life and can’t imagine how so many people are not happy with theirs. If happiness is a choice, please choose it, every time.

A memorial service in honor of Lori will be held at 2PM on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, at Aggie Memorial Stadium. Burial will take place on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, at 10AM.

In lieu of flowers you can make a donation to the Lori Paulson Football Excellence fund.

NMSU Foundation Inc.

PO Box 3590

Las Cruces NM 88003-3590

March 16, 2016

All of you know this has been a long road, and most of you know Lori was very ready. She has now found her peace. We are so blessed and loved I am finding it challenging to express our gratitude. I wish I could personally contact each of you.

With much love,

Brandon and Lori’s entire family

The Last One

It’s been a while since I updated you on what’s been going on with me medically, and since I don’t want to bore you with a bunch of technical stuff, I’ll get right to it: I have decided to stop taking the medicine that regulates my blood sugar. On Monday, Brandon will be taking me to La Posada at Mesilla Valley Hospice so I can be comfortable and ride the rest of this out.

Last November, my sugar levels crashed and twice we had to call for an ambulance to come help stabilize me. That’s when I had to start taking the medicine. Since then, it’s been pretty awful and the side effects are just too much. Most days I balance pain meds with just staying comfortable and it’s exhausting. I’m so tired.

For a while, there were still some things I wanted to get done. With a little help, I’ve crossed them off my list. I’m not scared of dying. My life has been a good one, and I’m at peace with this decision.

When I first started this blog, I knew the day would come that I would have to write the last post. For me, the blog was therapeutic, and a love-letter of sorts to my friends, family and friends who became family. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed sharing it. You have all made an impact on my life and I appreciate you following me on this journey and cheering on Team Lori.

There will surely be lonely days ahead, and when they come remember I am always with you. I am the wind at your back and the sunshine on your face. I am blooming flowers and raindrops in the summer. Most of all, I am the toast that comes before a good glass of wine. Please think of me and smile.

I love you all,