Honey Badger

“I wrote this post quite a long time ago but couldn’t find the right time to post it.  Today is the last day of my 13th round and I resemble that of a bug that has recently hit a wind shield.  Splat!  I re-read this post and it reminded me to be tough because that is what honey badgers do.”

A while back a friend of mine called me a honey badger. I laughed it off not knowing what it actually meant until I mentioned it to another friend. He pulled out his phone and showed me the video below.

Now, let me be crystal clear this will offend you if you’re easily offended.  It’s inappropriate, and politically so incorrect that it should not be shown to anyone under the age of 15.  But, hopefully you can loosen up a little and laugh about it as much I have.

After being entertained for hours on end, I started learning a little more about honey badgers and in some silly way, found parallels between us.

The biggest parallel I found is around chemo. I like to think when I take a round of chemo it’s like the honey badger getting stung by the venomous snake and passing out for a few minutes.  After each round I look and kinda feel like the honey badger does, but each time I stagger around and eventually find my way back.

Other interesting commonalities:

  • A honey badger has long nails. So do I. I bought mine, but nonetheless, we rock them..
  • The honey badger is black and white.  Those are my two favorite colors.  And combined… helllllooo!!
  • The honey badger can scare a lion, not because she can actually win, but because she’s just crazy enough to think she can.

As the guy who narrates the video so ‘eloquently’ says, “Honey badgers don’t care. Honey badgers don’t give a shit!”  Indeed I do care and I give a shit.  BUT, part of being fierce is sometimes not giving a shit.

This year, I will be a self-proclaimed honey badger. If 2014 was the year of the cranes, 2015 is the year of the honey badger. I’m gonna have enough fierceness to eat larva while being stung by bees. I’ll growl like a honey badger.  And I’ll keep my nails long like a honey badger.  Careful, because at times, I will scratch. I hope my nails don’t cut too deep or I growl too loud and if I do hopefully my team will understand why.

Thank you Jacob for planting the HB seed.

This tough bitch is also a honey badger.


The Big One THREE in the LCee

If I haven’t been clear professing my love to the City of Las Cruces then this post should depict my sentiment.  Since today marks the first day of my 13th round of chemo… I thought why not add some humor and do 13 “lucky” things on this special day?  My dear friend, Nicole aka Fuzzin (faux cousin) made it possible.  Thank you my little fuzzy wuzzy… I love you (it was perfectly imperfect day)!


#1 The “plan” was that we would drive up to the top of A mountain and drink the ceremonial glass of champagne.  Being the avid hiker that I am <insert sarcasm)… didn’t get the memo that you can’t do that no mo… Who would have known that “A” stands for “Almost Mountain”?
This is what put a STOP to that plan… But in true #TeamLori spirit Nicole said, “Just like cancer isn’t gonna stop us… This sign isn’t gonna stop our day of fun.” #NotGonnaLetCancerStopMe

1 a


















#2 My partner in crime threw out the crazy idea of getting tattoos when I got diagnosed and I think my response was “No Way Jose”.  Well, after thinking about what lucky things we were going to do… I decided a “tat-two” was the way to go.  The horseshoe not only represents this lucky day, but my upbringing on a horse farm and Nicole’s love for animals.

2 a









So while eating cream puffs (more on that later) these TWO wild and crazy girls got TWO horseshoe tattoos. Then we brought our horseshoes to” the horseshoe” at NMSYou – (I’m a poet and didn’t know it).

PS. Our tattoo artist Drew just so happened to have a “Lucky 13” tattooed on his wrist. It was a sign from the tattoo Gods that this was meant to be! #SorryDad

2 b









#3 Las Cruces is the city of the crosses… THREE of them.  Taking a picture here wasn’t so easy, but we left some of #TeamLori behind… #ILoveYouLC










#4 Doing something with a FOUR leaf clover was the natural fit for my lucky day.  We went to good ‘ole St Clair Winery & Bistro in Mesilla and left behind this little lovely…  I owe the St Clair/Lescombes family so much more than a garden embellishment.  They make my un-lucky situation tolerable.  #ThankYouFlo










#5 A few friends have brought back “Holy Dirt” from Chimayo , NM so I decided to take it to Aggie Memorial Stadium (or one of my secret hiding happy places – not so secret now).  Legend has it this sand is blessed and will bring healing powers.   Anyway, I made FIVE little piles right on the field in some #TeamLori bracelets.  Figure a little blessed sand can’t hurt the turf or the Aggies 😉

[PS – The football team started spring practice a few weeks ago. I try to make at least one practice a week and when I arrive all the worries of my ridiculous world simply go away.  It’s awesome and a privilege to be these guys captain.  Back to my adventure…] #ALittleDirtNeverHurtNoBody









#6 Did you know that the Farmers Market isn’t just on Saturday, but Wednesday too?  I never knew that… probably because I had things like “a job” to worry about before!  Fuzzy and I drew a rainbow which has SIX colors in it and had SIX balloons ready to be released.  Anyone else find it ironic that two deflated en route?  #Lucky13MyAss #PerfectlyImperfect #ShoutOutToMyGays #LoveYou










#7 At lucky number 7:00 pm my boys and I bought SEVEN lottery tickets. #WeWonAWholeTwoDollars #AgainLuckyMyAss










#8 Honoring grandparents on both sides of my family; the Paulson love of horses and the Garcia Native America spirit.  This dream catcher with eight words of inspiration (and a little sas) is for them.  #LetPositiveDreamsCome










#9 I just HAD to figure out a way to incorporate Mayfield.  The school I know and love (once a Trojan always a Trojan).  After telling the security guard my story he let us tie NINE silver ribbons of hope on a tree in the commons.  Just so happens to be where my class of 1998 has a mosaic honoring the late Mr. Scroggs.  #CeaseNotToLearnUntilThouCeaseToLive










#10 Turns out you can’t just buy TEN ladybugs.  But, you can indeed by 1500 at Color Your World Nursery.  After releasing 1490 of them we captured a few pictures with the lucky TEN at the Fabian-Garcia Botanical Gardens at NMSU. #1500LadyBugsReally










#11  I took 11 pennies and threw them into the fountain at 11:11 at Si Señor restaurant where we ate chips and salsa (my all-time favorite snack – thanks to the Gomez’s). PS – We were “lucky” Happy Hour was all day due to tax season closing so enjoyed a Margarita.  #Hiccup










#12 Naturally, my mind went straight to food when I thought of 12 so we picked up TWELVE (or a dozen) cream puffs at Si Italian Bistro and then enjoyed them while getting tatted up. #OnceAFoodieAlwaysAFoodie #StillAFatGirlAtHeart










#13 To end the list is how I started the day… with a bowl of Lucky Charms with THIRTEEN marshmallows charms all counted out. #FigureItCan’tHurt?










My fuzzin was a warrior and trooper for the last 24 hours.  There were moments that I laughed so hard I cried and then one special moment we both cried because the day was so moving.  Whether or not this round of chemo is “lucky”, more than 13 memories were made and will last forever.  #ThanksNicole #TeamLori